Sixdays #94 for me – just a number?

Already during my school time i liked numbers… was good in mathematics and always interested in statistics. Useless to say that these skills not really helped my in the world of cycling. Maybe just to write blog posts: Statistics of my cycling year 2013/2014 (sorry… still working on the multilingual wp-plugin… if somebody is familiar with that please give me a call).
Or to figure out that Sixdays Rotterdam are already my 94th Sixday race. Even my legs sometimes are not feeling like when i was 25 years old i still love this world. Especially as many race organisators in the last few years made some necessary changes. Also here in Rotterdam: Putting the sporting aspect back in the focus. That means for us riders harder races instead have big show breaks with semi-famous folk musicians. I really like these new concept and, much more important, i guess the spectators also do. There is still enough good food + drinks and a great atmosphere to meet with friends if you want to have a short break from watching our great races 🙂


Foto: Drew Kaplan